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Callaway Headquarters


Callaway Headquarters

Welcome to Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission Callaway Headquarters

Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission is one of the largest retailers in the United States for the most sought-after specialist version Corvette and Camaro. As an authorized retailer, we are able to help you order, buy, service, or upgrade your new Corvette or Camaro to a Callaway.

Callaway vehicles are professionally engineered to be vastly superior to factory-spec. In addition, they are also fully warranted and emission compliant in all 50 states.

Callaways compare well to the "super car models" like the ZR1 and the ZL1. The Corvette SC606 completes the quarter mile three tenths of a second ahead of the Corvette ZR1, and the Camaro SC572 has more horsepower than the highly-anticipated ZL1! They can be purchased with manual or automatic transmission, and as coupes or convertibles.

Breaking NEWS: Callaway Z/28 Camaro and LT1-based SC627 Corvette
First Drives Callaway Z 28 Camaro and LT1 based SC627 Corvette Callaway Z/28 Camaro and LT1-based SC627 Corvette

Callaway takes the best Camaro and one of the best Corvettes and makes them even better!

Callaway has worked it's magic withe two of the greatest muscle sports cars on earth: the Camaro Z/28 and C7 Corvette.

These sports cars are already American classics, and Callaway has made them even better by concentrating on the powertrains, with superior suspension from the factory, Callaway decided to supercharge power to both cars.

The current Camaro lineup ranges from the V-6 powered LS Couple, boasting 323 horsepower to the burly 426-hp Camaro SS, from there you jump to the 580-hp ZL1, then there's the track ready Z/28 with 505 hp.  This is the best Camaro lineup in history, but it's not enough for the Callaway team.  Callaway starts with the Camaro Z/28 and builds from there into is SC652. Click here to read more about the Callaway Camaros.

Now onto the Corvette, the Callaway Corvette SC627 starts at under $80,000. That's 627 horsepower ladies and gentleman.  Although this is fewer horsepower than the Callaway Camaro Z/28 SC652, you get way more power than the base Corvette which makes 455 hp.  While this car offers a bit less horespower than it's Camaro cousin, this Corvette offers piles of performance but is also a bit more of a daily driver.

The meat of the Callaway Corvette is the Callaway designed supercharger.  It starts with the same Eaton 2300cc TVS rotor pack but it's upside down in this application, taking in air from the front, up through the compressing force of the rotors and then blowing it straight into a big intercooler on top.  Cooler temps mean more horsepower!  Click here to read more about the Callaway Corvette.

Breaking News: 2015 Callaway Corvette Pricing Released!

Effective immediately, for the new model-year, Callaway MSRP for the 2015 Callaway Corvette is $17,995 MSRP!