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Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Kansas City

Corvette Z06

The All-New 2015 Corvette ZO6 is now available at Hendrick Chevrolet in Kansas City, KS - Serving Overland Park, Kansas City MO, Olathe and Merriam

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The 2014 Corvette Stingray is a marvel of architecture and engineering. But Chevrolet refused to stop there. With state-of-the-art technologies, a race-proven lineage and a supercharged beast of an engine, the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 in Kansas City ascends Stingray into the supercar realm.

You can find the new Corvette Z06 at the intersection of Le Mans and the Autobahn, the apex of American automotive engineering. This supercar blends Corvettes made for racing and those built for the road. Engineered rigidly and stripped of excess weight, the Z06 was built with an aluminum space frame, carbon-fiber hood and removable carbon-fiber roof panel. With a supercharged 6.2L aluminum V8 engine, delivering 650 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft of torque, the car was born powerful.

The 2015 Chevy Corvette Z06 is the only supercar in the industry to have 650 horsepower and a choice between two transmissions: either a 7-speed manual or an all-new 8-speed paddle-shift automatic. There's also the choice between coupe and convertible. Advanced technologies elevate the experience, such as the Driver Mode Selector, which changes vehicle performance dynamics with the twist of a knob. Corvette owners can also relive their excursions, on or off the track, with the industry-exclusive available Performance Data Recorder, which overlays telemetry on top of high-def video on playback.

Track, Meet Street

Corvette has dominated famous racetracks around the globe, and in the American Le Mans Series is was the most-awarded racing nameplate, and a seven-time winner at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This season at TUDOR United SportsCar Championship series, the next-gen C7.R race car made its masterful debut. With regards to chassis architecture, aerodynamics, and engine technologies, the C7.R and 2015 Corvette Z06 share remarkable levels of craft and components.

The Z06 is the quintessential example of the technology-blending between racing and road Corvettes. First, our engineers took the Corvettes Racing C6.R and applied their learning of it to the Corvette Stingray. Then, with the Stingray as a foundation, the Z06 and C7.R were co-developed to set a new benchmark for performance around the track and on the road.

Designed for Downforce

A functional evolution in downforce

Every exterior change on the new Corvette Z06, with the exception of a rare few, was to improve functionality, for this supercar demanded more of everything. Wider flared fenders can accommodate taller, wider wheels and tires for better grip. Larger vents suck in life-giving cool air to the engine, brakes, transmission, and differential, increasing its capability around the track. The downforce created by the aggressive aerodynamic package causes the car to grip corners better, and keep it stable at high-speeds (and we mean high-speeds). We extended the rear design by 80mm and the front by 56mm, enhancing handling and giving it a more arresting stance. For even more grip, the Z06 comes fitted with bigger Michelin® summer-only tires, although Pilot® Sport tires are standard, or with the Z07 Package upgrade to Sport Cup tires.

Three levels of aerodynamic downforce

The all-new Corvette Z06 has three levels of aerodynamic downforce to offer. First, on the standard Z06 is a front splitter, spats around the openings of the front wheels, a rear spoiler (borrowed from the Corvette Stingray's available Z51 Performance Package), and an unseen carbon-fiber hood with a larger vent than before. Or, go next-level with the available Carbon-Fiber Aero Package, in black or with a visible carbon-fiber finish, which (true to its name) tacks on a carbon-fiber front splitter with winglets born from a plane, carbon-fiber rocker panels, and a larger rear spoiler that has a fixed wickerbill - the small, vertical tab on the edge of the spoiler which has no little impact on downforce. The top-level package puts even larger winglets on the front spitter, and a transparent, adjustable mid-section on the rear spoiler for use around the track. This package on the Z6 produces the most aerodynamic downforce of any production car GM has ever made or tested.

Cooling air flow

The 2015 Corvette Z06 needed better cooling to optimize its performance dynamics, and the exterior design reflect that. The unique mesh grille is fitted with intakes dedicated to cooling the brakes, along with wider grille outlets, and a bigger hood vent which, aside from boosting downforce, also exhales hot air from the engine compartment. Larger front fender vents, rear fenders with unique air blades over the inlets, and front and rear-brake cooling ducts which come standard are all additional cooling features. Additionally are the rear-fascia openings, which are larger than those on the Stingray.

Feel the blowing breeze

Not only does the 2015 Corvette Z06 have a carbon-fiber hood, but for the first time ever, it also have a carbon-fiber roof panel that's removable. Using carbon-fiber makes the car lighter, making the vehicles center of gravity lower and assisting in optimal weight distribution for excellent handling. That, and now owners can pop the roof off to enjoy the open air..

Driver-centric interior

Internally, the Corvette Z06, with unique colors schemes for a driver-focused cockpit, distinguishes itself from the Stingray, even more so with the flat-bottomed steering wheel. But like the Stingray, the Z06 has two choices for seating: a classic GT seat providing all-around comfort and support, or the Competition Sport seat with more aggressive side bolstering to provide even greater support on the track. The magnesium frame structure for both seats is stronger and lighter than comparable steel ones, and their greater rigidity makes you feel more supported during performance driving. The interior of all models come fully wrapped, every surface covered with high-grade soft-touch materials, including available Napa leather, aluminum, sueded microfiber, and of course, carbon fiber.

Supercharged Supercar

Powerful, Efficient Performance

An LT4 supercharged 6.2L aluminum V8 engine, with 650 horsepower and 635 lb.-ft. of torque, powers the 2015 Corvette Z06. The supercharger is next-gen: more compact and more efficient. A dry sump oil system, lightweight titanium intake valves and connecting rods reduce the reciprocating mass of the engine. While the futuristic technologies allow for supercar performance, the engineers at Corvette finagled a way to boost LT4 fuel efficiency by using the same trifecta of technologies first seen on the Stingray powertrain: Direct Injection, Active Fuel Management, and continuously Variable Valve Timing.

Choice of Transmissions

The 2015 Corvette Z06 is currently the only supercar offering over 600 horsepower and the choice of a 7-speed manual or the automatic just-unveiled available track-certified 8-speed paddle-shift. The driving experience of the 7-speed (standard) is improved by Active Rev Matching, which simulates heel-toe shifting perfection just by touching a switch. The 8-speed paddle-shift gives you the silky smooth control of an automatic but all-important quick shifts for track driving. The performance of the 8-speed is comparable to a dual-clutch, but without sacrificing refinement.

An Intuitive Driving Experience

Customize your ride with the twist of a knob. Driver Mode Selector offers five distinct modes, each fine-tuning your experience: Eco, Weather, Tour, Sport and Track. Up to 12 performance variables are calibrated electronically in each mode, customizing and optimizing the Corvette Z06 for any road you may find yourself on.

Magnetic Selective Ride Control, Performance Traction Management (PTM) and Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (eLSD) are three of the twelve adjustable variables configured by Driver Mode Selector. Every 10-15 milliseconds Standard Magnetic Ride adjusts the suspension, improving performance but not at the expense of a smooth ride. Available in Track Mode, PTM has five settings for torque reduction and brake intervention for when you're on the track.

eLSD comes standard on the Z06, and it fully capitalizes on the torque split between the back wheels. The system, only made more fearsome in Track and Sport modes, is engineered to increase the car's stability and responsiveness. A hydraulically actuated clutch is part of eLSD, and it infinitely varies clutch engagement, and in minute tenths of a second, responds from open to full engagement, enhancing steering feel, traction, and handling balance.

Grip the Road and Stop Fast

The 2014 Corvette Z06 comes standard with Michelin® Pilot® Sport, or upgrade the grip with the Michelin® Super Sport Cup tires, which are included in the available Z07 Performance Package. Strip off weight but amp up performance with Brembo® brakes, which confidently deliver stopping power. No small rotors here, get either the two-piece 14.6"/14.4" steel rotors or the available carbon-ceramic 15.5"/15.3" rotors with the Z07 Performance Package. Both will keep your stops quick and precise.

Performance Data Recorder

Record, analyze and share your drives, on or off the track, with the (available) industry-only Performance Data Recorder. Log video of drives, along with real-time performance analytics, on an SD memory card found in the glove box. Four of the modes-Sport, Track, Touring, and Performance-capture audio, video, driving stats, date and time, plus more. A windshield mounted camera HD camera, a performance processor, internal accelerometers and a GPS system all work to capture the data of your drives. Watch your drives on the internal 8-inch diagonal color HD screen (when not moving, obviously) or on your computer. Software similar to analysis software used by Corvette Racing is even included to analyze your own driving technique. Always keep improving.

Track Mode

Make sure to get the Z06 onto a true racetrack to record video and audio, as well as receiving synchronized performance data overlaid onto the video playback: speed, rpm, g-force, track maps, lap times, and start/finish lines.

Sport Mode

In Sport Mode, the Performance Data Recorder will include ever-important data such as speed and g-force.

Touring Mode

Record time and date, capture video and record audio, outside temperature, elevation and all the hairpin bends of those scenic country drives.

Performance Mode

Records performance metrics: your 0-to-60 mph time, ¼-mile speed and time-elapsed, and 0-to-100-to-0 mph runs.