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Callaway Parts and Upgrades - Kansas City

Callaway Parts & Upgrades

Installation charge applies if installed at dealer.

Roll Bar Set

This roll bar set was designed and produced by Callaway Competition. It features bolt-in installation; no welding required. It includes proper integral harness bar, regulation steel tubing, and uses premium-quality hardware throughout. It is designed to be adjustable for factory car-to-car variance, and eliminates squeaks and rattles with its one piece bar set. Quickly removable. Powder coated with Callaway decals.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport Coupe, and Z06

MSRP: $2,995

Cold Air Intake System

This Honker Air Induction System provides significantly reduced restriction to allow more airflow for increased horsepower. Features a s

mooth internal surface and CAD-designed contours to maximize airflow. Low-restriction K&N® filter element is washable and reusable for reliable service. Features an OEM appearance, and premium-quality hardware.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport, and Z06

MSRP: Starting at $399

Double-D Exhaust System

This polished T304 stainless steel exhaust system is up to 72% less restrictive than stock, generating more power. It creates a deep, powerful tone without being too loud or resonating during cruising. Perfect fit and easy installation.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport

MSRP: $1,295


Le Mans GT Brake System - Nodular Iron

This Callaway/StopTech package is designed to provide stopping power to match a Callaway's speed. 6 piston front and 4 piston rear calipers and nodular iron rotors with aluminum hats and pad material all work together to produce a fade-free braking package that provides great modulation and pedal feedback.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport, and Z06

MSRP: Starting at $2,695


Le Mans GT Brake System - Carbon Ceramic

The latest technology in high performance braking is now available in these Carbon Ceramic brakes. In addition to offering superior fade resistance and unparalleled stopping power, carbon ceramic brakes save an additional 10 lbs of weight per rotor over the nodular iron brake package! By eliminating this unsprung weight, every motion of the vehicle's suspension is less-encumbered by mass, making the suspension much more effective, and the vehicle much more nimble!

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport, and Z06

MSRP: Starting at $15,620

Suspension System

The Callaway/Eibach Multi-Pro coil-over suspension features double adjustable dampers, external reservoirs, 10-position compression control, ride height adjustments, and companion helper/tender springs to supplement the OEM composite leaf springs. This system works to promote an overall feel of tightness and stability without generating an overly firm ride, and ensures that the tire contact patches stay stuck to the pavement. The available anti-roll bars also enhance suspension characteristics by eliminating excess body roll during transition.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport, and Z06

Multi-Pro MSRP: Starting at $2,995
Anti-Roll Bars MSRP: $845

9 Spoke Alloy Wheels

Inspired by the Callaway/Dymag CMA, and available in Chrome, Black Chrome, HyperBlack, and HyperSilver, the Callaway 9 Spoke Wheel is a one-piece aluminum version, and is sized to fit the original equipment C6 Corvette tire package. Accepts OEM lug nuts, wheel locks, and tire pressure monitoring sensor hardware.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe

MSRP: Starting at $790 each


Callaway/O.Z./Michelin Wheel and Tire Package

This 19" front and 20" rear wheel and tire package is an excellent way to enhance the

performance of your Corvette or Callaway. Lightweight wheels reduce unsprung weight, while P285/30ZR19 front and P335/25ZR20 rear Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires provide prodigious grip! Wheels available in black or silver. Price below requires exchange of original equipment wheels and tires.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport, and Z06

MSRP: $4,950


Deutschleder Interior

Created to Callaway standards by the world's best trimmers, the interior is offered in two levels. Level One includes the steering wheel, comfort seats, door panels, and wool front carpets. Level Two includes full German leather appointments for the look, feel, and smell of a car crafted to the highest standards. The client chooses the color palette to complement or contrast the exterior color. Detail embellishment may be specified at this point. This encompasses leather trimming of the complete 119 piece interior.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport, and Z06

MSRP: Level One: $12,500
MSRP: Level Two: $24,300

Sport Seats

The Callaway Sport Seats are a single shell sport seat for road and track day use. Your choice of matching interior leather, with or without Alcantara accents, blind embossed leather with Callaway lettering. Seats retain original power controls, except lumbar. This upgrade eliminates the side airbags. Can be used with six-point harness, if specified. Optional heated seat element installed at extra cost.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport, and Z06

MSRP: $7,990

Short-Throw Shifters

The Callaway short-throw shifter is fast, precise, and strong, with 30% shorter movement between gears! The fully-machined mechanism eliminates any indecisiveness in the standard gearshift selector. This upgrade is designed for a more race-oriented shift mechanism; more effort will be required to move the gear selector. Retains OEM shift knob.

2005-2011 C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport, and Z06

MSRP: $309