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Just about every driver in Kansas City knows the discomfort of driving around town on a hot day without air conditioning. If your car’s air conditioning is running hot, the service department at Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission knows just what to do. Schedule a service visit with us in Merriam to get started today! In the meantime, you can learn more about car AC repair in the guide below.

Signs You Need Car AC Repair

Like every other system in your vehicle, the AC system requires maintenance to continue running properly on Shawnee Mission roads. How will you know when car AC repair is needed? Here are four common signs:

  • Some vents blow hotter than others. If you can’t get a consistent temperature flowing out of all your vehicle’s interior air vents, it’s likely due to low refrigerant. The refrigerant may be low because of a leak, so it’s important to have your car looked at as soon as possible. 
  • You can’t get any cold air to blow. If none of your air vents are blowing cold air, there could be an issue with the ventilation fan or there might be loose hoses. Another potential cause is dust and dirt buildup in the AC system, causing operation issues with the evaporator.
  • Bad odor when you use the AC. Do you smell an unusual odor when you turn the AC on? Often, drivers will detect a musty or moldy smell. This could mean that there is mold buildup in the AC system, or that you simply need to swap out the cabin air filter.
  • Interior water leak. If you’re using your AC and are surprised to find water accumulating on the floor of the front passenger area, there could be a clogged evaporator drain. This can lead to more serious issues if left unchecked, so you should schedule service without delay if you notice signs of a leak.

What is Included in Car AC Repair?

What happens when you visit a service center for car AC repair? Depending on the issue, the actions taken to fix it will vary. General AC maintenance typically includes the following items:

  • Top off or replace refrigerant
  • Inspect compressor for leaks or blockages
  • Inspect cooling fan
  • Inspect electrical components

How to Recharge Car AC

If your car’s AC isn’t cold enough to keep you comfortable on trips around Overland Park, you may be able to fix the problem with a quick car AC recharge session. This can be done at any service center, but is typically pretty simple to do at home, too. You will need a PSI pressure gauge and a car AC charge kit. You can purchase a car AC charge kit at most auto parts stores—just make sure you’ve consulted your owner’s manual to determine the proper type of refrigerant for your car.

  1. Locate the low-side service port of your AC system. It is usually found between the compressor and the evaporator.
  2. Your car AC recharge kit should have included a dispenser hose and PSI pressure gauge that will be attached to the refrigerant can. (Instructions for this will be included on the kit.) Attach the other end of the dispenser to the low-side service port.
  3. Turn the car’s engine on and run the AC at full blast. Check the PSI pressure gauge reading. The compressor clutch should engage and the front of the compressor should spin. If this is not happening, dispense the refrigerant until the clutch engages.
  4. Continue dispensing the refrigerant until the correct system pressure is reached in accordance with the pressure chart on the refrigerant instructions. Once reached, remove the dispenser hose from the low-side service port.

Car AC Repair Cost

The cost of car AC repair near Overland Park can vary depending on the scale of services being performed. Here are some average prices for various AC services:

  • Inspection and diagnostic: $100–$300
  • Minor repairs: $150–$800
  • Major repairs: $1,000–$4,000

If you’re experiencing car AC issues you can give us a call at 913-305-3320 and our service advisors will be glad to give you a quote. We happily provide ongoing service specials to help keep your maintenance costs low!

Schedule Car AC Repair at Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission

We’re your trusted resource for car AC repairs in Merriam! With any questions or to get assistance in scheduling your appointment, contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. We look forward to providing you with exceptional service at Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission.

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