How Many Miles Do Tires Last?

A new set of tires is no small investment, so you’re bound to wonder, how many miles do tires last? The answer may vary based on tire type and your driving habits on Kansas City roads, but most tires should last about 50,000 miles before losing their tread completely. Learn more about tire care and gather some tips to help make your tires last longer with the Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission service team!

What Are the Top Factors Impacting Tire Life?

Depending on the type of tires on your car, the road conditions you encounter in Shawnee Mission, your driving habits, and other factors, you may get different answers to the questions “how many miles do tires last?” and “how many miles should tires last?” Here are the top factors that can impact tire life:

  • Tire type: All-season tires are the most common in Overland Park, providing good grip in all weather and creating less rolling resistance. Other tires, such as high-performance options, create more rolling resistance, so the treads may wear out faster.
  • Manufacturer’s treadwear rating: All tires come with a treadwear rating provided by the manufacturer. This is a rating of the life expectancy of the tire treads.
  • FWD, RWD, or AWD: A vehicle’s drivetrain type can impact tire life because it designates where the engine power is sent. The tires that receive the power are liable to wear out faster, which is why tire rotation is necessary to keep tread wear even.
  • Road conditions: Rough, non-paved roads (dirt, gravel, off-road trails, etc.) are tougher on tire treads. Driving on snowy, rainy, icy, or salted roads can also affect your tires.
  • Hilly areas vs. flat areas: If you live in an area that requires a lot of uphill and downhill driving, the increased friction created when accelerating and braking can wear your tires out faster.
  • Personal driving practices: How you drive might also be wearing your tires out faster than they’re estimated to. A lead foot on the gas and slamming on the brakes are two common examples that will speed up tread wear.

How to Help Your Tires Last Longer

Being mindful of your driving practices is a great way to help your tires last longer. Other ways you can extend tire life include:

  • Monitor your tire pressure. Many newer vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that can tell you when one or more of your tires’ pressure is off, but you can also check it at a tire inflation station at a gas station.
  • Check your tire tread depth on a routine basis. If you’re seeing rapid wear, you’ll know to adjust your driving habits or have your vehicle inspected by a service center.
  • Keep up with tire rotations to ensure tread wear occurs at even rates.
  • Follow your maintenance schedule. In addition to tire rotation, other routine maintenance items like wheel alignments are essential to keep your tires in good shape. If the wheels are out of alignment, the angle of your tires could be off, which can cause them to wear out faster or unevenly.

Get Trusted Tire Service at Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission

If you need new tires or would like to have your tires inspected, schedule a service appointment at Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission. We offer service and parts coupons on a rotating basis that can help you save on tires and tire care! If you have additional questions related to “how many miles should tires last?”, contact us at your convenience and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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