How to Use a Car Jack



Are you wondering how to use a jack for a car? As a vehicle owner, knowing how to use jacks stands and a car jack is very important in case you need to change a tire around Kansas City. So, follow along below to see how to use a car jack the correct way while being safe throughout the entire process, with the Hendrick Chevrolet Shawnee Mission service center. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!



Guide for Using a Car Jack & Jack Stands

Using jack stands and a car jack in Shawnee Mission is quite easy, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. You first need to make sure the car is securely parked on a level surface. We do not recommend using a car jack on grass or other uneven surfaces. 
  2. Then make sure that you put wheel blocks behind the tires that are not on the ground to prevent the vehicle from moving. 
  3. Make sure you place the car in Park, and set the emergency brake. If your vehicle has a manual transmission, place the vehicle in first gear prior to setting the parking brake. 
  4. Before placing the jack, consult the owner’s manual to see where the jack should be placed underneath the vehicle. If you only need to lift one wheel off the ground, just lift the corner of the vehicle, if you need to lift up the front of the car, place the jack on the front of the frame in the front of the vehicle. 
  5. When learning how to use a jack for a car, there are two common types, scissor and hydraulic jacks. On a scissor jack, just insert the rod and crank. For a hydraulic jack, place the handle into the body of the jack and pump the handle.
  6. Place the jack stand under the frame of the vehicle, and make sure you set in at the “pinch weld” section of the frame, which is reinforced.
  7. Once you find the pinch weld, you can now adjust the height of the stand and lock it into place. This process will differ based on the type of jack you’re using. Once you’ve completed the tire change, lower the vehicle slowly until it is securely sitting on the jack stand. 
  8. Now that the vehicle is set down on the jack stand, you can take the jack out from underneath the vehicle. Push the vehicle gently to ensure it will not move.
  9. After completing your tire change or other work, you can use the jack to lift the vehicle a few inches higher, and then remove the jack stand.
  10. Lower your car gently back down, and remove the jack. 
  11. Remember to remove any wheel blocks you may have placed behind the wheels. 

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